Riddhish Ojha
Android / Java Developer



  • I'm Riddhish Ojha. I work as an Android developer by day and research about new technologies in my field by night.
  • I blog about my research, tutorials that can help others like me, etc.. I like books that inspire and I love movies of all kinds.
  • My current expertise lies in Android app development and I have more than 5 years of experience in the same.
  • Current Technologies: Android, Java, REST, JSON, XML, SQLite, SOAP, Git, MySQL.
  • I'm a quick learner. I've handled projects written in unfamiliar technologies with help from Google and Stackoverflow.
  • I've been a stress-buster for my clients handling their projects 24X7 in the past.
  • For more information about my projects, please check out my resume.
  • Dormant Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, LAMP stack, NAS servers, mail servers, Apache and BASH.
  • I'm available for any freelancing / contractual / remote work opportunities.

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